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03-Oct-2017 17:41

People are complex, and take things at different a different pace, depending on what is happening in their life.I dated women whom would put their life on hold completely and revolve it around me, just to have it burn out quickly. I know people that see each other 7 nights a week from day one, and are working out great.And then even if a date is planned, the above busy person might be sick on that day, might not feel like going out,night be that time of the month, have something come up etc. Is there a certain time frame one should be in that position? In the long run, would you be okay with constantly working around her schedule?I feel like I wouldnt always need their time as much as I would knowing that they cared about me, and that I WAS a priority in their life.

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Other nights she has art club, and is also fixing her house to sell it. But I am ASSUMING she has interest due to how she is around me, or perhaps she is a great actress. By default somehow you must work around her schedule, or seemingly you will not see her at all. It seems to be a hard subject to broach without appearing to be too "needy" or "clingy" especially in a new relationship. One I am speaking of has a business, another side business, and is a member of various clubs and organizations, (church, art, homeowner, etc) and is also the type that has many girlfriends from the above groups. You maybe see her once a week, and things are hard to plan.It's been hard, but at the same time, I feel like I've got a great man and I cannot stand the thought of losing him, so I'm just trying to hang in there and be patient.

He's basically told me this is how it is, this is how it's been, and this is how it's gonna be for however long, and he's given me the option to stay and work it out with him, or to move on if it's something I can't handle, and he understood either way.

Worse case, you have to tell the other women youre dating someone if you become exclusive, but cross that bridge when you come to it.

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