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24-Oct-2017 14:42

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It's like watching Jakey trying to be all manly and hunky in Prince of Persia—and just as convincing. Which got me accused of being a troll, but whatever. Compared to a world-class bearder like George Clooney, Gyllenhall has been a virtual crusader for gay marriage. In my book, he's done his part and doesn't have to talk about his sexuality to do more. Ted Casablanca is where the gay rumors started and ended.However, I did find what the OP of the Some Real Gossip thread said about him and Levine plausible. The rumours started with the thinly veiled Ted Cassablanca blind items years ago, not because he played gay. I used to buy the whole Toothy Tile thing, but once he started with the whole Baby Tile crap, I knew he was bullshitting.And see how they went.r57, you should keep ignorant comments like that in your head, man. It seems it's one frau commenting from various browsers in order to make it seem there are many people who are skeptical. He did that courageous role as a gay man in Brokeback, which helped raise awareness about anti-gay bigotry and hate in America and it became a national conversation.I love the way the guy/s who are all out for Jakey's indisputable heterosexualism are so manly butch themselves with all their "man" and "dude" strutting. I've said before that I have my doubts he's gay because, so I've been told, that he's never been seen in public with a guy. He's done his part to promote men loving men, What more do you want? They were kind of posers pretending to still be a listers when neither had worked in years. Maggie always seems mad and has that strange gay seeming husband. He seems to live in Hollywood PR and spin.[quote] I doubt Jake know who or what he is. He said in the Fresh Air interview that he's a mass of contradictions. He moved OUR cause forward and helped paved the way for the acceptance of gay marriage.I don't think he is gay, but he comes off as a frat brat.I think he is at times passive aggressively anti gay.He's not gay and he was so overrated in Nightcrawler. When even Howard can't get decent stuff out of you, you suck.His boxer movie is gonna bomb and not even Harvey will be able to get him an Oscar for the Lifetime piece of crap of a movie. Jake spoke in this soft monotone the whole time, too. Did Howard Stern get him to admit to personal stuff?

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Gayllenhaal didn't bother to show up for Ledgers memorial service in LA as he was trying desperately to shake the "Brokeback" image at that time. Do you go to the memorials of everyone you ever worked with for twelve weeks? R139 I hope if he ever comes out, he doesn't expect love and support, but he seems like kind of the guy who wouldn't want it.However, the way he would look at Austin Nichols and, yes, Heath Ledger...There is no way he felt only platonic bro love for either of them. Then maybe it was only them two and everything else since and before were women.His movie with Naomi Watts which many though was gonna be an award contender is also DOA and is slated to be released next year after award season. For example, in the past, he's gotten George Clooney to admit that he's circumcised or David Duchovny collecting porn and masturbating or even Warren Beatty (while promoting BULLWORTH) admit that he was a virgin until he went to college and he "pleasured himself" before then.

He also got Mormons Ricky Schroeder and Donny Osmond admit to masturbating.He spoke about his parents divorce and how he sided with his mother initially because his dad found someone new really quickly.

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